31st January 2016 – “You are what you eat” – If this is true I would definitely be some kind of Cadbury’s chocolate product.  Sadly, I can’t eat chocolate all day every day and still stay fit and healthy so I do my best to follow the Weight Watchers’ Plan and I am working this year to be generally fitter and healthier.

I’ve been going to Weight Watchers and following the plan on and off for over ten years and am constantly trying to find new ways to make my points go further.  With the beginning of the new year and the new era of Weight Watchers with the ‘Smart Points’ system – I have been challenged again by the changes to make healthy eating as painful and delicious as possible.

Since starting this blog I’ve realised that being healthy is not just about eating less, but is also about improving your overall lifestyle, mental and physical wellbeing.  I’ve been experimenting with new ways to exercise, meditate and trying to improve my habits.

I am creating this blog to share some of my discoveries with you and hope that we can all get something out of it.  I will be posting reviews, ideas, recipes and pictures of the things I create and do.  Please feel free to leave comments and share your results, revisions, thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at elizabeth.bowles@gmail.com

Thank you for reading – Happy Living!

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