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HabitBull App – Never Break the Chain

Rating:  5/5

Available on Android & Apple devices.

Note:  I use HabitBull on the IPhone, some functionality may be different on Android.

I’ve been hearing/reading recently about an idea that Jerry Seinfeld apparently suggested to someone for keeping habits:  You circle each day on a calendar that you keep a habit and as you see the chain building you won’t want to break it.  The HabitBull app works on the same principle and I’ve been using it for a few months.

You can download the HabitBull app for free, and you get a lot of functionality.  I paid for the app after a month because I was really impressed with it.

The ‘Habits’ tab
How the app works:
To start, you simply click ‘add’ at the top to add a new habit.  You can then:
-Pick the category your habit falls under (health/social/sex! etc.)
-Pick how you want to track your habit (whether you are going to click yes/no if you did the habit or how many minutes you did something)
-Give your habit a name and an optional description
-You can ‘make it pretty‘ (as the app puts it) by choosing a colour for the font – the colour names are fun too e.g. boring broccoli etc
– You can set which days you want to do the habit to make it a success e.g. every day, certain days of the week, a number of days per period or every second, third day etc
finally you can set a target of the number of days you want to do this habit for it to become a success, the default is set to 66 days as some research shows this is the no. of days it takes someone to form a new habit.

After you’ve set up a habit you simply go into the app every day and click whether you’ve been successful (green dot) or unsuccessful (red dot).  If you’ve been successful then the app creates a chain between the days.  If you don’t need to do a habit every day in order to be successful then the app maintains your chain.  You can also set-up reminders.

Pros of this app:
This app makes tracking your habits really easy and fun.  I especially like the different tabs/views:
1.  Habits – Shows you all of your habits, your longest streak and the percentage of time you’ve stuck to the habit
2.  Daily – shows you the current day for all the habits
3.  Weekly – How you are doing that week with your habits, also has other statistics such as percent successful days, a motivation quote and user discussions which you can join in with
4.  Monthly – The same as weekly but shows how you’ve been getting on this month

screen322x572 (1)
The ‘Weekly’ tab
Other benefits of this app:  It is really user-friendly and has a lovely simple design.  The stats are interesting and it can be used across multiple devices.

Cons of this app:
Honestly, I’m really impressed with this app and haven’t really found any major cons, I did find the reminders a little hard to set up at first and I haven’t really bothered with that because I’m quite good at looking at it every day.

It doesn’t seem like you get much extra in the paid version of the app.

Overall I really recommend this app as it’s really easy to use, a great way to track your habits and provides an element of accountability.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to start/track their habits.



Appiness, The greatest gift that I possess?

So, yesterday I ventured back into my Weightwatchers meeting for what seemed like an eternity (it was actually only two weeks!) and was saddened if not surprised to learn that I had gained 3.5lbs.  This has basically put me back at where I was just after Christmas, not cool!

My leader pointed out something very encouraging, if a bit frustrating, that when I focus, I lose weight, so all I need to do is find focus again.  This is very true – but easier said than done! Every supermarket, advert and restaurant is constantly tempting me! I think this is a problem for all ww followers/humans!  How do we find that focus to lose weight!?

So this week in a quest for motivation I’ve tried to inspire myself with two very popular online apps:

1 – I made a Motivation board on Pinterest
This is a kind of mood board where I’ve put (pinned) photos/slogans etc to inspire me to stick to the diet, including a picture of a bikini that I own and would like to feel confident to wear again this summer.  I’m definitely finding it helpful to have visual aids to refer to and help me get fired up about losing weight and unlike some of my previous motivation ideas, it doesn’t cost me any money, which is great!
You can check out my motivation board (work in progress!) here

2 – I joined Instagram as ‘The Cake Watcher’
I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise that there was a better place than Facebook to post pictures of my meals (apologies to those who have suffered it until now!).  I am now obsessed with making arty arrangements of my latest culinary creations and applying lovely filters which make it look bright/vintage etc etc.  Before you post your picture you can also tag it with hashtags which people can search for (e.g #myweightwatchersjourney) and then people can ‘like’ and comment on your pictures.  I think this is a great way to share your own ideas and also you can look for new inspiration.  You can also post msgs of support on other ww member’s posts. I’m now following a lot of other ww members and it’s encouraging when people ‘like’ my photos!
You can follow me on Instagram here

I would definitely recommend that you try either of these ideas as they have inspired and motivated me to get back on the Weightwatchers Waggon this week.  It’s so great that we now have access to all of these amazing tools and people around the world can encourage you on your weight loss journey!