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Tiny Leaps Big Changes [Podcast Recommendation]

I’ve only listened to 2 episodes of this podcast, but that was enough for me to want to recommend it!  It’s a great podcast for anyone interested in self-development.

The titles I’ve enjoyed so far are:
-How to overcome sugar addiction – Something I’m currently very interested in
-How to get better at anything – Who doesn’t?

This podcast is less than 15 minutes long but is really well researched and gives you some great ideas and takeaways that you can easily implement.  I really like Gregg Clunis’ style as he narrates as a fellow human, not someone who already knows it all.

Let me know what you think!

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By The Book [Podcast Suggestion]

By The Book

I love discovering new podcasts and I also love a good self-help book, so ‘By the Book’ is a ticks a lot of boxes!

It features two lovely ladies (Jolenta & Kristen) living their lives for 2 weeks following the directions of a popular self-help book.  It also includes input from their husbands on how it is going which is really sweet & funny.

No spoilers as I’ll know you’ll want to listen to past episodes, the books they have covered so far are:
-The Secret by Rhona Byrne
-The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo (Everyone seems to be obsessed with this book at the moment!)
-French Women Don’t Get Fat – Mireille Guiliano

They also have a minisode after each book to discuss a summary of their thoughts.

Check it out & let me know what you think!?


Podcasts as Therapy – The Other F Word

I’ve really enjoyed listening to a podcast called ‘The Other F Word’ recently. The other F word = FAILURE.  It features: Sara Singer Schiff (journalist), Melissa Brohner-Schneider (therapist), Bipasha Shom (producer) & Morgan Simpson (writer/filmmaker) and various guest speakers (some I’ve heard of and some I haven’t – such as actor Tony Hale  from ‘Arrested Development’) talking about how they have faced Failure in their lives and how they’ve dealt with the situation. I’ve actually only listened to the first 4 episodes – but I am hooked!

I think this is a great idea for a podcast as it makes us realise that we are all human and everyone has aspects of their lives that they wish had turned out better/think they want to change – but as you listen, you begin to realise that actually it is our failures as well as our successes (if not even more so) that shape who we are.

The guest speakers share their experiences and speak from the heart on topics such as mindfulness, infertility, work.  My heart broke when the lady who was talking about infertility said that she felt like a failure as a woman because her reproductive system was ‘broken’, but then went on to talk about how happy her adoptive son has made her and her husband.

The best idea for life may well be to fail forwards and if you are always successful then perhaps you don’t even learn anything from life? Many famous people have written brilliant quotes about failures such as as Einstein’s – “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

Perhaps failure is something that we should embrace and be proud of? I recommend you listen to this podcast – I find podcasts a kind of therapy that you can enjoy whilst you are doing boring everyday tasks such as emptying the dishwasher – Give it a go!

You can find The Other F Word on Itunes and other podcast apps or simply subscribe on their website http://theotherfwordpodcast.com .

Let me know what you think?